Is My Gambling An Addiction?

As internet gaming becomes more substantial phenomenon, there are more people who are recognizing that they may be battling with gaming addictions. At the same time, some people are not sure if they have a problem or if they just love the experience of gaming. Here we can look at some things you can think about to determine whether or not you have a gaming addiction or not.

Do you Feel in control?

Answering this question can be difficult. Many people with gaming addictions still feel in control even if they are not. You can start by looking at the frequency at which you gamble. Is it every day, repeatedly a day, or more like once per month? If you learn you are gaming with additional frequency, you may be developing a problem.

Also pay attention to what is driving you to gamble. Is it a feeling that you absolutely have to gamble, or is it a feeling that you want to spend time gaming? Making time for these feelings are a sensible way to tell if you are developing any addiction at all because as soon as you feel like you have to do something, it may be returning to controlling you.

Is it Causing Trouble?

Are your financial plans or relationships suffering because of your gaming? If so, it may be becoming an addiction. If your finances are going down the depletion and you are still risking money on placing proposition wagers, it is causing trouble in an undeniable way.

If your finances are doing very well however your relationships are suffering because you are spending so much time on gaming, you are still looking at a problem that the activity is causing.

Finding Help

When you acknowledge that you or someone you cherish should indeed be battling with a gaming addiction, there are various actions you can take. Talking to a pt can be a great first step as well as trying to stop the experience if that is possible for you. Some people find success in 12-step programs where people can process their feelings together and relate to a higher power.

No matter what you choose as your method of dealing with the problem, admitting it is the first step. It can be the most difficult one, as there may be areas of denial because you may be very reliant on the activity in order to deal with certain kinds of feelings.

In the world today it can be hard to find a healthy life without any addictions whatsoever because potential substances are all around us, such as smoking cigarettes, alcohol and gaming. Since these things all change how we feel in the moment, they all have the potential to be obsessive.

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