Can We Build an Augmented Reality Gambling Hat System That Works?

Recently, I was talking with an expert poker player, and he publicly stated he’d won big, lost big, and eventually came up with a pretty decent, self-made system for credit cards. Anyway, we got to discussing all this, and he said he’d copyrighted his Dragon303 methods into an ebook, and began to explain the heart and soul of how it worked, that i found fascinating.

He said, or rather I thought I heard him say which he had a new “gambling system hat works, inches but what he actually said was which he had a new innovative gaming system “that” works. Nevertheless, it reminded me of a previous mental scientific talk I’d had months the prior about augmented reality glasses that the military uses and now a few police division encourage them for their police officers, perhaps, you’d seen the new Google Augmented Reality Glasses.

Anyway, I asked Mike Samonte, the ebook author of “The Samonte System: Finally, a gaming system that works, inches what kind of gaming system “hat” he had, I asked him if it was a full on Google style augmented reality system with all the batteries and computer system in the hat, with a very fine video camera system in the frames of glasses, then gives you the information, and best way to play each hand, based on Monte Carlo statistical remedies? How many other math concepts remedies are you using? Is your system easy enough for anyone to use without having attended MIT for instance?

Well, by then I was just finding pleasure in him, because I misinterpreted or misheard what he’d said, but either way, it did get my mind in gear to reflect off-topic, of a new application for the latest innovation for augmented glasses. Bear in mind that if the kids in the Movie “21” had a system like that when they went gaming in Las vegas? By the way, I did so meet the author of the particular movie script, nice guy, and yes, a great movie.

Question is, could someone with such a device beat a Champion Texas hold em Player, if they were even allowed to use such a computer system? And if they could would it not be a lopsided game just as IBM’s Super Computer “Watson” kicked butt around the world champion “Jeopardy” players on TV for those world to see?

Who would win? Could someone like Mike Samonte together with newly created system beat an AI augmented reality machine? Who knows, I’d like to see that match actually, it would be fun to watch : Man COMPARED TO Man with Machine! Math concepts and Science COMPARED TO Finesse and Skill, all for the ultimate bragging the law and thrill, that you will find cool indeed.

Interestingly enough, I am a math concepts guy so you know, exactly what do I say? But, I’m also a seasoned entrepreneur playing tennis balls to the wall, no fear tactics, and want to blitz the competition Colonel Boyd apostle style. Meanwhile, I am aware the world too, and I a little technical trading in the marker pens, and also investigate news and feel the heart rate of the Marshall McLuhan media mirror of society.

It seems to me that both concepts are viable, and even in things like trading and investing which in many respect is gaming, I never discount converging trends or black swan events, so, in a way, I am aware both sides of all of the varieties of play, but do not limit my mind from what works or ever stop asking “why? inches Still, I wonder could a star poker player like Mike Samonte using his in-house system beat the Terminator in Vegas? “I’ll be back! inches Please consider all this and think on it.

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